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If you really want to know what Second Chances is all about you need to know Delisa's story. Delisa is the director of Second Chances Thrift Store, but she is also the heart, mind, hands, and feet of this ministry.

Delisa's story is the ultimate "pay it forward" story. She is a survivor of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, incarceration, and many other "rock bottom moments." But one day while working at a restaurant a woman at a table asked if she wanted to know about Jesus. That was the beginning of her HUGE second chance. And she hasn't wasted it.

Today, she wants to give as many other people living at "rock bottom" their opportunity to have a second chance (or third or fourth). So while her store looks and operates like most thrift stores, if only takes a minute to see how special this store really is. There's a rack outside the door with free clothes for people who can't afford the dollar rack. At the store there are free sandwiches or some kind of food at lunch. There's a huge smile and warm welcome to anybody and everybody. Second Chances helps get dozens of people off the streets every year; some for a week and some for good. 

What does Second Chances need? Simply put, we need MORE to bless others with. More money to give away and empower. More volunteers' time to run our operations at reduced costs and to build relationships. More of whatever God has give you, that you can share with us, so we can bless others. Can you help us give others their Second Chance? 


Your Funds Enable Us to Empower Others

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